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Mike Michalowicz: Turning Life Lessons Into Bestselling Business Advice

Mike Michalowicz

By his 35th birthday Mike Michalowicz had founded and sold two multi-million dollar companies. Confident that he had the formula to success, he became an angel investor… and proceeded to lose his entire fortune. Then he started all over again, driven to find better ways to grow healthy, strong companies. Mike is now running his Listen Now

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Rachelle Gardner: An Insider’s Advice On When and How To Sign With A Literary Agent

Rachelle Gardner

Rachelle Gardner is an agent with Books and Such Literary Agency, representing both fiction and non-fiction. In this interview Rachelle shares her wisdom and insight on when an author should approach a literary agent and how to increase the chances of getting representation. Rachel is looking for mainstream commercial projects for both the Christian and Listen Now

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Dee Ann Waite: A Career Fueled By An Interest In Sociopaths and Psychopaths

Dee Ann Waite

Dee Ann Waite is the author of the action adventure thriller The Consequential Element, the psychological thriller Mists of Bayou Rhyne, and the upcoming thriller Where Demons Hide. Dee Ann was raised the youngest of seven children in a small suburb of Massachusetts. Gifted with a sharp imagination and natural talent for writing, she discovered Listen Now

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Dave Delaney: Teaching Authors The Digital Marketing Side of Publishing

Dave Delaney

Dave Delaney is an author, digital marketing consultant, and recognized leader in the fields of social media strategy, podcasting, and business networking. His book, New Business Networking, is a must-read for entrepreneurs and authors alike. Since moving to Nashville in 2007, Dave has co-founded two annual unconferences, PodCamp and BarCamp Nashville. In 2009, he was Listen Now

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