Tim Knox host of Interviewing AuthorsInterviewing Authors is one of the Web’s premiere blog and podcast destinations that focuses on the process of creating, writing, editing, publishing, marketing, and selling an author’s work.

Hosted by talk radio host, syndicated columnist, and Amazon bestselling author, Tim Knox, Interviewing Authors features recorded interviews and guest blog posts with authors across all genres and success levels who discuss their process; from having a spark of an idea to becoming a successfully-published author.

At Interviewing Authors, it’s our goal to become a valued resource of information and education for authors, writers, subject matter experts, editors, agents, and others who make their living in the publishing industry.

If  you’re a self-published or traditionally-published author with a documented sales history (you don’t have to be a bestseller) and would like to be considered for an interview click the “Guest Submissions” link at the top of the page and fill out the form.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll be interviewed, but serious inquiries will be given serious consideration. It’s not about how many books you’ve sold. It’s about what you’ve learned from the process that you can share with others.

If you’re interested in a doing an interview you can use as a promotional tool or if you’re an unpublished author who would like to be interviewed please see the “Interview You” program page.

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