Gabra Zackman: Actress, Audiobook Narrator, and Author of “The Bod Squad”

Gabra Zackman is a New York City based actress, writer and audiobook narrator. She has performed in regional theaters across the country, several Shakespeare festivals, and off Broadway, and also did a stint in the theaters of Denver, Colorado. She has been seen on TV in “Law and Order”, “SVU” and “AMC” as well as a few small film roles.  She can currently be seen in Theatre BEDLAM’s off-broadway hit production of “Sense and Sensibility”.

Gabra has a parallel career in audiobook narration, and has worked in that field for over 10 years, having relationships with studios in the New York area, Denver and all the places she has performed around the country.  After recording over 300 audiobooks, many of them romance, Gabra decided to use her storytelling addiction to write some of her own.

When she lived in Denver for a spell, she hooked up with a friend’s New York literary agent who was looking for romance submissions, and the wheels began to turn.

Though Gabra has written a handful of essays, a screenplay, and a host of blog posts, the Bod Squad Series is her first stab at writing novels.   She writes the stories she wishes she lived: ones filled with romance, intrigue, humor, and wild and witty characters. The inspiration for this series was her love of the romance genre, her admiration for many of the writers whose work she has narrated, and her undying passion for James Bond.  She also based three of the main characters on a few of her best friends.  Gabra moved back to New York a couple of years ago and brought her stories with her.  She now lives in Queens, in the first apartment that has really felt like home, a place that reminds her of her grandmothers.

Gabra can often be found traipsing across a stage, rocking the mic for an audiobook recording, or exploring the cafes of Queens, New York, dressed in disguise and looking for the perfect place to write sexy tales of kooky undercover agents. You can learn more about all her many adventures at

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