“You, too, can star in your own 100% professionally-produced, 30 minute interview that details all the great features of your book, just like on the big national radio networks. And the best part is you can start today through this limited-time offer!”

Hi friends,

Interviewing Authors Host Tim KnoxTim Knox here. I’m the host of Interviewing Authors with a couple of questions for you.

Did you know that most authors, even those that have published lots and lots of books, are routinely rejected dozens, if not hundreds of times, by agents and publishers?

Industry experts will tell you that most authors eventually just give up and leave their hopes and dreams to die on the vine, right along with their book…

A few determined authors will keep trying and trying, even though they must feel like they’re continually hitting a brick wall…

And a few authors might actually break through and sign with an agent or land a publishing deal that they think will establish them for life.

Then they find out that actually marketing their book is often left up to them and they have no idea what to do next.

And if their book doesn’t sell well enough to at least recoup the publisher’s costs, chances are there will be no second book contract from that publisher and they may even get dumped by the agent.

“Here’s what I discovered when a well-known agent sold my first book to a big name publisher…”

Everything I Know About Business I Learned From My MamaIf you’re fortunate enough to land an agent, it’s his or her job to sell your book to a publisher, period.

An agent may make suggestions for changes to the book that will help them sell it easier, but that’s all an agent really does: pitches your book to publishers, negotiates the contract with them, and takes a commission for doing so.

And the primary job of the publisher is to print the book and ship it to bookstores so it can be stuck on shelves where readers might stumble across it.

That’s right; as hard as it might be to believe, publishers are in the printing and distribution business; not in the marketing and sales business.

Rarely does a publisher actually invest the time and money to promote a new book unless it’s from an established author with a history of big book sales and a built-in audience.

“Here’s another hard lesson I learned…”

Angel of Mercy by Tim KnoxThe amount of talent you have, along with your ability to craft a great story and create believable characters, is secondary in importance to your ability to market yourself and your book in order to build an audience on your own.

Without that audience, what I call a “starter audience“, your chances of getting an agent or a publishing contract are slim to none.

Sure, you can self-publish your book on Kindle and I encourage you to do so, but again, unless you can create buzz for your book and attract that starter audience, your book will just be one of the eight to ten million books that are estimated to be on Amazon at any given time.

That’s right, it’s estimated that there are between eight to ten million books in the Amazon marketplace at any given time, every one of them competing with you for readers.

It’s true: self-publishing has given authors greater control over their work, but it’s also opened the floodgates for anyone and everyone who has a book to sell, no matter how awful or terrific the book might be.

The Amazon marketplace doesn’t judge a book by its cover or its contents.

Amazon rankings are based on one thing and one thing only: sales; which is determined by the size of the audience buying the book.

“Which leads me to the next question I hear most…”

How the heck can I build a starter audience for my  book without the help of an agent or giant publisher? Aren’t they supposed to help me get an audience?

 Tim at one of his many book signings.I think you understand by now, it’s a very crowded market place and unless you take matters into your own hands and do something to stand out above the crowd, your book may just get lost in the fray, unnoticed and unread.

As someone who’s been at the top of Amazon’s Bestseller list, I can tell you this with total certainty…

Until you’ve sold hundreds, if not thousands of books on your own and proven yourself to be a marketable author, you’ll have a hard time getting noticed by anyone in the media or in the publishing industry.

It comes down to one thing: marketing. Why do I believe that?

Because I’ve had countless bestselling authors tell me the same thing…

“Great marketing is more important than great writing when you’re trying to launch your career.”

And most authors never stop marketing, never stop selling, never stop trying to get noticed; no matter how many books they’ve sold.

So, what can you do to get noticed by readers, agents, publishers, and the media?

With so much noise out there, how can your message get through?

“One of the best ways to market your work, create a platform, and build a brand is with a professionally-produced interview!”

Tim and Dan Miller

Tim on the Dan Miller Radio Show.

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to get attention for yourself as an author and your book as a potential bestseller is by doing professional interviews like we do here at Interviewing Authors.

I’m not talking about some crappy interview that sounds like it was done over an old AOL dial up connection with a host that loves the sound of his own voice more than  yours.

I’m talking about a professional interview; conducted with state-of-the-art equipment, by a professional interviewer with over 30 years experience, then edited and produced by a professional audio editor to make you sound the absolute best you can be.

You can then take the audio from that interview and post it on your website, on Facebook, on Linkedin, on forums; anywhere you like. Put it up so the whole world can hear it.

Tim on WHNT-19

Tim has done dozens of TV interviews.

You can even turn that interview into a podcast that’s available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Podomatic, and any number of other high traffic websites.

I can promise you that your audience loves audio interview-style podcasts.

They are the most popular podcast type on the planet.

People listen to them in the car, at the gym, at work… everywhere!

That means your audience can take you everywhere they go and listen to your interview and get excited about buying your book!

“When you have a professionally-produced audio interview on the World Wide Web it’s out there everyday, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, telling readers, agents, publishers, and the media about our book!”

tim-tvI can’t tell you how many radio and television interviews I’ve gotten as a result of my podcast and audio interviews, not to mention being interviewed by the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, and hundreds of other newspapers, blogs, and websites.

I know first-hand the power a great audio interview gives you.

When listeners hear you being interviewed on a top-notch radio show or podcast you gain immediate credibility and they want to know more about you and your book. There is no better way to rise above the noise than with a great audio interview.

That’s why I’m excited to announce a new service from Interviewing Authors that was actually suggested by a bestselling author who has racked up multiple New York Times bestsellers and continues to manage his own marketing efforts today.

“Give the author a platform to stand on so everyone can hear their message!”


A poster from Tim’s book signing.

Now I can give you that platform; a platform that will help you cut through all the noise and get noticed in the crowded marketplace.

The program is called “Interview You” and it’s a professionally produced recording of ME interviewing YOU about YOUR background and YOUR book.

With Interview You, you don’t have to be a bestselling author to take part in a professionally produced interview that you can share with thousands of others across the world wide web.

Here’s how Interview You works:

  • You and I will spend 30 to 45 minutes on Skype doing an interview that is professionally recorded, edited and produced.
  • The interview will concentrate on you and your book, nothing else.
  • There are no commercial breaks, no interruptions, no background noise or bad connections.
  • I’ll ask you the pertinent questions that will excite readers into becoming buyers and hopefully generate interest in you from agents, publishers, and other media outlets who might want to interview you for their shows.
  • The final audio will include our Interviewing Authors theme music and a personal introduction from me.

“I’ve done hundreds of interviews over the years, on both sides of the microphone, so I know what it takes to produce a professional sounding interview that you can then post to the Web and use however you like to promote your work.”

And here’s what you get from our time together:

  • You will get an MP3 file of our 30 to 45 minute audio interview, professionally recorded, edited, and produced. It will sound like you’re actually on the Interviewing Authors program, only we won’t be discussing the process of writing, we’ll be focusing on you and your book.
  • You get the full transcript of the interview in a Word document that you can post on your blog, send out in emails, or use in any other way you like to promote your book.
  • You get a listing on the Interviewing Authors website under our Featured Authors section, where our audience can listen to your interview, read more about you, and purchase your book online from Amazon or directly from your website.
  • And last but not least, you get a private, 30 minute coaching session from me on how you did and what you might do differently in your next interview. It’s not a critique, it’s helpful advice from me to you on how best to do audio interviews and what to do next with your audio interview file.

“There is no better investment in your future…”

Tim on the Dan Vega Show

Tim on the Dan Vega TV Show

So let’s talk about the investment you’re willing to make in your future as an author.

I’m sure you understand the time and effort that my team and I will put into making your Interview  You session something you can truly be proud of.

The interview itself may take 30 minutes to do, but the production time actually takes several hours.

That’s why the Interview You program regularly sells for $497, which is a bargain considering that I’ve charged as much as $2,500 just for an hour of private coaching.

But if you choose to act now, I’ll even discount that by price by $100, so the investment you make today is just a one time payment of $397.

That’s right, for just $397 you get all this:

  • The 30 to 45 minute mp3 recording of your interview that you can post on your website and share on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, iTunes, and many other sites.
  • The full transcript of our interview in a Word document that you can post to your blog, to your website, or use it in a press release as a promotional tool.
  • A permanent listing under our Featured Authors section of the Interviewing Authors website.
  • We’ll not only post your audio interview, but the transcript, your picture, an image of your book, your bio, and a link to your Amazon sales page or website.

BONUS: One-On-One Coaching Session

If you order now you will also receive a private, 30 minute telephone coaching session with me, offering you my honest advice on how to hone your interview skills and use your Interview You session to make you and your book look like a star.

“Tim digs deep, asking the questions your readers want to hear. There is nobody better at making you sound like a great author and your book sound like a must-read!”

Dan MillerTim is the best at what he does!”
“In doing 20-25 interviews each month I find the skills of the interviewer are immediately obvious and Tim is the best I’ve encountered. Tim is skilled at presenting meaningful questions and keeping the flow of the conversation smooth and engaging. I expect Tim’s humor and impact to get the attention of media people around the world.”
Dan Miller, Author New York Times bestselling 48 Days to the Work You Love
Larry WingetI loved doing this interview!
“Tim does a great job interviewing because he understands the business, understands what it takes to write, asks great questions and listens.  He makes it fun for the author and anyone interested in writing or publishing can learn a lot!”
Larry Winget, Six-time NY Times bestselling author
Jennifer Probst“It was a wonderful experience!”
“I enjoyed this interview so much, I’m already asking Tim about doing Part II! A professional, in-depth look at the writing genre for all. Interviewing Authors is a great site and Tim is an amazing interviewer!”
Jennifer Probst, NY Time bestselling author
 Mark Sandborn“One of the most enjoyable interviews I’d done!”
“Tim does a great interview and uncovers interesting and useful information from his many and diverse guests. It is a pleasure to work with him and a treat for listeners to learn from his show.”
Mark Sanborn, Author of the multimillion copy bestseller The Fred Factor
Dan Sheehan“I really enjoyed my interview with Tim!”
“Far from sticking to a script, Tim allowed the direction of the interview to flow where it needed to go. His ability to seize upon important themes in real-time and direct follow-up questions appropriately adds depth to every interview, mine included. ”
Dan Sheehan, Author of After Action: The True Story of a Cobra Pilot’s Journey
John Cote“Love what Tim is doing for the author community!”
We received a huge positive response from my email list and social media connections when I sent them the link to our interview. Tim is a natural interviewer and I absolutely recommend taking the opportunity to appear on his show if you get the chance!”
John Cote, Amazon bestselling author and podcast host
Joe Calloway“If interviewing is an art, Tim is a Rembrandt!”
“Having done over 200 interviews I can honestly say that it’s rare that one is truly fun for me. Tim made it fun. And engaging. And smart. There’s an art to being a good interviewer and creating a worthwhile show, and Tim’s got it figured out!”

Remember, you immediately save $100 and put yourself on the road to learning how to sell yourself as an author and your book to readers.

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