Silvia Acevedo: TV Journalist Having A Great Time With The God of Love

Silvia AcevedoSilvia Acevedo is a television personality and former news reporter and anchor who’s spent many years reporting objective fact.  She’s interviewed presidential candidates, covered national and international stories, and given breaking news reports for CNN and local television and radio stations around the country.

She also occasionally guest hosts a television morning talk show for a local NBC affiliate.  Roman gods, however, have been curiously absent during this time, so Silvia decided to put fiction – especially mythology – back into her life.

In this, her debut novel, Silvia deftly weaves vignettes of ancient myth with a wholly new and laugh-out-loud story for the modern age. The gods have never been so mistreated.

Silvia lives with her husband, Jeff Miracola, who is an accomplished fantasy illustrator and children’s book artist, and their three children just outside of Milwaukee.

Silvia Acevedo Interview

Books by Silvia Acevedo

God Awful Loser

The son of the God of War has it all, and the smooth-talking, jet-setting master knows it. The once chubby cherub now has adoring fans, a shiny red limousine, and a mansion nearly, almost, not quite big enough to hold his enormous and ever-growing ego.

But everything changes for the sloppy, ill-aiming love god when a meddling stranger challenges him for his crown.

Not even the advice of his war-mongering father, Mars, and embarrassingly under-dressed mother, Venus, can save Cupid from the skids.

Facing enraged immortals, epic battles against hell’s most vile creatures, and the dread of becoming mortal himself, Cupid teams up with an unlikely band of misfit fallen angels in the hopes of saving himself, the Olympic kingdom, and humans the world over. But can such an inept team of losers finally win when it counts?

Funny, rude, and planted smack in modern times, God Awful Loser is a new chapter on the ancient gods’ bad — and hugely entertaining — choices. May we never follow in their footsteps.


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