About Us

Bringing The Erudite Minds To The Idiot Box

A lot of people desire to be somebody in their lives. They keep working towards the goal and try and get as much information about the people they idolize. It is not that easy to acquire information and to really get into the world who are experts in their field. Sometimes they live a secluded life or avoid any interaction with other people owing to their dedication towards their work. This is where we come in as we are the companies that bridge the gap between the teacher and student. Our website is dedicated to interviewing knowledgeable people across multiple fields of life ranging from doctors to lawyers to plastic surgeons to business conglomerates and a whole lot more.

Why should you visit our website?

Despite all the information on people, there are a lot of things that a viewer can obtain by reading or watching the interviews.

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

We provide direct access to the information straight from the person’s mouth. There is no manipulation of any sort and the viewer can see the videos and perceive accordingly based on their own understanding. The same goes for our writing as we print word by word of what was said without trying to induce any biases in the writing.

Burning questions:

We tend to ask the most important and relevant questions in the person’s field especially the ones that are persistent with the current market scenario. We try and make the interview as informative as possible and pertaining to what a viewer or a reader might want to know from the person. Our dedicated team is constantly researching on the burning topics and try and extract as much as information as we can through smart questioning.

User questions:

We also have the facility of making sure that your questions are answered by such people. We compile the questions asked by you and club them together to ensure that multiple queries are solved at once and people striving to be successful in that particular field can have a clear mindset as to what they should be doing. We also take regular feedback to increase our standards of the question and to bring in the esoteric minds from different fields.

A wide variety of guests:

We are not restricted to any particular field but try and interview people from every field even the ones that enjoy niche and are hardly known by a lot of people. This opens up the option of helping people who are not into regular job profiles and want to try out their careers in different fields. We also take recommendations from people of such field and try and invite academia that can guide them through its potential and what they would need to do in order to make it big in that field.