Interview: How to Get Into Medical School

Interview: How to Get Into Medical School

Medical schools have some criteria on the basis of which they accept a student in their school. Apart from good grades, there are many things, which if handled well, could take you to one of the top-notch med schools in the world.

Try to get some experience in advance:

Since you are not a doctor already, you cannot have a doctor’s experience for now but you can always try to be a shadow of any doctor that allows you to be. Doing this would give out an impression of you being aware of what you want to do and how dedicated you are towards it. Some experience would also teach you a lot before the med school itself which could be an advantage to your resume. Working under a doctor would also help you choose the field in medicine in which you would like to go when you have gotten into the med school.

Indulge yourself in research work:

What do professional doctors say about getting into med school through our interviews? Being a science field with inventions coming up almost every day, good medical schools would want you to show them some of the research work you have done. They prefer students who are into research and want to know their field in depth. You can show some of the work that you have done in your school years under your teachers, what conclusions you got and how do you want to pursue it in the future. If you have gone very deep, you can also talk about your research and the way it can help the medical industry or help treat patients, etc. This would send a really good impression on the jury.

Devote some of your time serving society and volunteering for others:

What they want from doctors today is to have a sense of responsibility towards others. Some volunteering would reflect your sensitivity towards your patients and how keen you are to serve the society with your profession. You don’t necessarily have to get into medical activities; you can also opt for non- medical jobs such as walking a dog, cleaning bridges culverts, etc. You will have a better chance of getting into a good medical school if you have extracurricular activities on your resume. Doing these types of volunteer work will also allow you to discover your true passion for medical work, as in which specific type of job you’d like. Whether that’s plastic surgery, family doctor, or dentist.

Apply to a lot of Med schools:

There are a lot of great medical schools out there which can give you a nice education for your dream profession. To increase your chances of getting into a good one, you will have to apply to many schools, out of which at least one would accept you if not many. Also, make sure that you send some supplement materials along to the directors of the school that would improve your chances of being in that school. Don’t take it personally when you get some rejections—they happen at every stage of the game. If you cast a wide net, you’ll increase your likelihood of getting an acceptance.”- Dr. Sarah Carlson

The process of getting into a medical school can be a bit overwhelming but patience and hard work is the key. Try and try until you make it.